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Hello. My name is HaX80r. My real name is John, but everyone calls me HaX80r. I live in Worcester, Massachusetts, the most left-wing hippy state in the Union. I'm your average hacker/high school student. If you're wondering, I'm 6' tall, 145 pounds and look oddly Jewish. I started hacking in the fourth grade and haven't stopped since. I attend a Catholic school and must sit through some boring classes, blow things up in Chemistry class, and  scare the teacher in technology class.
Speaking of technology, my school is the easiest hacking job I've ever seen. All the computers run Micro$hit Winbl0ws 98, and there is NO SECURITY! All the admin accounts do not have passwords, the teacher accounts have simple passwords, and all the student accounts have the same password, except for mine. I have actually been able to log in to the network admin account, the admin account on every machine, and the admin for the web site. If I were getting bad grades, I could change them with my eyes closed. GO down near 700 Grove Street sometime, there is my schools unsecured WiFi network just waiting to be hacked.
Outside of  computers, I enjoy bicycling, football, sailing, high voltage, and a certian female... 'Neway, I am the unofficial tech-support guru of my school, considering the offical tech support woman knows the realm of the Winbl0ws GUI (Narf!). Here are some of the things I've dealt with:

Idiot: My Iinternet doesn't work! <whine>
Me: Are you clicking on the blue "e" thing?" (Internet Expl0der)
I: Yes
M: OK, this is really hard. Go to Start, Run OK? type in deltree C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ and click OK
I: What happened?
M You fixed it

I: My computer is slow.
M: So are you.

I: How 'bout I f*ck you up?
M: How 'bout I delete your birth certificate?
I: Huh?
M: Exactly

These have really happened. Seriously. Sometimes I feel like carving RTFM into some people's faces.
If you want to know more (perv) about me, e-mail me at [] (minus the brackets).

Congratulations! You just read my biography. Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?