Sometimes I just can't shut up

Just one comment. Screw you Middle East.

Micro$oft is screwing the country. Almost every school runs Winbl0ws. The government computers at places like the department of motor vehicles and the various law enforcement departments use Winbl0ws. It is terrible.
Why can't people just fucking realize that they are being fucking SUCKED IN!!! Everyone thinks Winbl0ws is what computers "do" and that little blue fucking "e" icon is the entire fucking Internet!!!! They think that fucking M$ 0ffice is the only way to type! Of course, its not their fault. Bill Gates has assimilated them. I just wish people would learn. But they don't fucking care!!! What happens when things don't work right? Them come crying to me!!!! <whine> "My Internet doesn't work!" <whine> "My icons are gone!" <whine> "I don't get this!" SHUT UP!!!! The only solution for Winbl0ws is the command 'format c: /q' or a fucking .50 caliber AA gun! AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! 'Neway, I hate AOL more than ever now. Their CDs are fucking everywhere! I see the little asswipes in every sotre! The fucking post office has them fucking everywhere! AOL is NOT an ISP!! AOL is a fucking PORGRAM!!